5 Signs You Need to Have Suspension Work Done On Your Car

Your vehicle’s suspension is made up of many crucial parts including the wheels, axles, and steering system. The suspension is the foundation upon which the body rests. It must be able to handle the weight of the automobile’s body and engine, and it must also be able to buffer the driver and passengers’ ride. Cookeville Tire & Auto lists five signs below that you might have suspension problems.

1. You Fight to Go Straight

Wheel alignment is part of your vehicle’s suspension, and misaligned wheels will pull your vehicle to one side even though you are steering straight. Pulling can also be caused by a stuck or broken brake caliper (although you should only feel the pull when you brake), problems with the steering rack or tie rods, or uneven tire tread wear or tire pressure. If you have had a wheel alignment in two years, schedule one.

2. Your Ride Is Too Bumpy

As we mentioned in the introduction, the suspension helps buffer the driver and passengers. Specifically, the struts and shocks absorb road bumps to keep the ride smooth and comfortable. If your ride is getting a bit bumpy and you haven’t had the shocks or struts replaced in quite some time if at all, it might be that they are wearing down and cannot absorb the road rattling anymore.

3. You Feel Your Momentum

Another purpose of vehicle suspension is to prevent driving momentum. When you brake, your vehicle naturally dives forward. When you accelerate, it squats and leans backward. When you turn a corner, the automobile’s body leans to that side. What keeps your vehicle’s body staid and prevents momentum movement is the shocks and struts. If you feel the momentum, they are worn and need replacement.

4. A Corner of Your Car Is Low

If you are parked on a level surface and it looks as if one corner of your vehicle is leaning or sitting low, you could have a broken suspension spring on that wheel. If the spring is broken, you will also hear it clunk when you turn the corner or go over a pothole or bump. You may have also blown a shock on that corner. Either way, it’s important to get the problem fixed right away to avoid additional damage.

One final sign of suspension problems is steering issues. Your steering system is part of the suspension and noticeable problems include noises when you steer or the steering wheel giving way. Call Cookeville Tire & Auto in Cookeville, TN, to have your suspension problems investigated and repaired.