Flat Tire Causes to Avoid During Your Thanksgiving Travels

Thanksgiving travel is no time for a flat tire. Make certain you’re prepared for one just in case by checking your spare for air, keeping a jack and lug wrench in the trunk, and also grabbing a can of tire inflator for minor repairs. Cookeville Tire & Auto also recommend you avoid the following if you can.

Sharp Objects

Nails and broken glass are common causes of flat tires. Punctures are fixable on rare occasions, but most likely, that nail you ran over will flatten the tire beyond repair. Avoid sharp objects if you can.

Valve Stem Problem

The stem you use to put air in your tire is the valve stem. These stems can get clogged with dirt or corroded and release air slowly. They can also get damaged and slowly flatten your tires.

Severe Wear

Called “rubbed” or “ripped,” patches of deep wear on a tire weaken the overall structure. Eventually, the tire pressure could blow through the worn spot on the tire, so check your tires for unusual wear.

Tire Bead

The edge of your tire that rests against the rim is called the “bead.” A slow tire leak sometimes comes from the tire bead area. To check this, spray soapy water on your tire to see if it bubbles.


If somebody has a vendetta against you, you might not be able to avoid the tire damage he or she causes. You might end up with a flat because your tire was slashed or somebody let the air out of it.

Tire/Rim Separation

Severe impact to a tire can separate it from the rim. Naturally, once the separation occurs, whether minor or major, your tire will lose air. Accidents and slamming against curbs can separate the tire.

Too Much Air

Your tires should never be overinflated or underinflated. Doing so causes uneven tire tread wear and other damage. Overinflated tires can also blow out, which will flatten them instantly.

Wheel Leaks

Wheels are made from alloy/aluminum and they can actually leak. If you constantly add air to one tire because it keeps getting low, you could have a wheel leak rather than something wrong with the tire.

Driving Hazards

Finally, the road can flatten your tire quicker than anything else can if you hit a bump or pothole just right. Drive careful over the holiday weekend, and go super slow over rough roads.

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