Times When Synthetic Motor Oil Is Better for Your Car

To hear some people talk, you’d think synthetic motor oil should be the only oil for your car, but conventional motor oil can still do the job just fine. We here at Cookeville Tire & Auto recommend synthetic under certain circumstances, and your automobile’s manufacturer might prefer it, as well. Check your owner’s manual and consider using synthetic motor oil under the following conditions.

Your Car Is Old

If your car has decades underneath its belt and an odometer reading to show for it, put synthetic motor oil in your automobile. Synthetic does not break down as easily as traditional motor oil does, which means this oil will protect your older engine parts much better. Older cars have a tendency to overheat easily, and synthetic motor oil can help prevent heat-related engine wear.

You Drive Like a Maniac

We aren’t here to judge you, so if you drive like a maniac, that’s between you and your car. Stepping on it each time you accelerate, braking hard, and speeding like you’re racing at the Daytona 500 can all damage your automobile’s engine, even if it is a turbo. Much like an older car, synthetic motor oil will protect your engine parts from premature wear related to, let’s be honest, how you drive.

You Sit in Traffic Every Day

We might not have traffic here in Cookeville like they do in Los Angeles, but if you sit in some traffic daily, the constant idling and stop-and-go is very hard on your automobile’s engine. Your daily commute might involve traffic or other tough driving conditions such as driving on mountainous roads. It’s a good idea to protect your engine during these conditions as best you can, and synthetic oil can help.

You Drive a High-Performance Automobile

We talked about speeding above and any high-performance automobile will do better with synthetic oil or a synthetic blend. Chances are your vehicle’s manufacturer already recommends synthetic for your car’s engine, but if it doesn’t, consider using this oil anyway. High-performance engines work harder and can run hotter, and you need the extra protection a high-grade synthetic motor oil offers.

You Live in an Extreme Climate

If you’re reading this blog post from somewhere else in the country, you might live in a climate that has extremely hot summers or below-freezing winters. Synthetic oil does not lose its viscosity in these conditions as easily as conventional oil does. It doesn’t thin out or freeze up, making it easier to keep your engine running as it should be when you put synthetic in it every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

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